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The Key to Improved Filtration Performance: Stainless Steel Housings

Shelco Stainless Steel Housings Are the Key to Improved Filtration Performance
As manufacturers continue to look for  ways to increase the performance of their filtration systems and avoid  replacement costs, stainless steel housings are the answer.

Filtration systems are constantly put to the test by activities that can compromise their performance. They have to withstand high temperatures and pressure, are exposed to chemicals and other hazardous materials, and it is not uncommon  for the systems to experience premature clogging. Plastic housings are simply not as equipped to industrial applications as they should be compared to stainless steel housings. Stainless steel housings can solve filtration issues for various purposes, such as high purity water, food and beverage, coatings, electronics, plating and cleaning solutions, RO pre-filtration, commercial and residential potable water, chemicals and wastewater, and high performance.

Shelco’s Stainless steel housings allow for higher operating temperatures and pressures (150 psi at 200 degrees F), and even higher operating temperatures at lower operating pressures as long as the proper gasket materials are used. As opposed to plastic, stainless steel housings will not shrink and will not become frail over time. These housing’s design provide high flow rates as a replacement for smaller multi-cartridge housings, provides greater capacity for dirt-holding than common diameter housings, and in existing layouts, provides inlet and outlet connections that allow for easier installation and layouts.

Almost immediately after manufacturers upgrade their systems they begin to see increased performance from their existing equipment. As long as they are working with existing plumbing, upgrading can be done quickly so redesigns that become costly and time consuming do not need to happen. In the process of manufacturers experience longer life of their systems, they are saving a lot of money, time, and irritation.

There are three common solutions that stainless steel filter housings provide for manufacturers:

Increased Durability Without Replacing the Entire System

The durability of stainless steel housings yields the improvement in performance of older filtration systems without experience the fear of enormous costs. In one situation, a large OEM manufacturer of skid mounted filtration and water treatment systems had smaller systems with plastic large diameter housings and was not satisfied with their performance. In an instance like this, the manufacturer needs more durable housing. Along with needing a more durable housing, they also needed to ensure the protection  of their investment in their existing parameters.

The solution to this problem was using the only stainless steel housing that they could source that allowed them to continue to use the same cartridge that they were previously using. This housing was the first stainless steel, inline (T-style), large diameter, single cartridge housing offered; the Shelco Filters Model FLD-808 20-inch Stainless Steel Large Diameter Cartridge Housing.

Defends Against Dirt

In order to have quality filtration systems, one of the most crucial operations is dirt-holding capacity. However, normally to increase dirt-holding capacity it is required to switch to a larger housing that requires more space. Since the FLD Series is only marginally larger than housings that hold standard diameter cartridges, this increases the chance that the new housing will fit in the same space as the old housings with minimal piping adjustments.

Meets High-Flow Rate Demands

Another important function for manufacturers is flow rate. The FLD Series Stainless Steel Housings yield opportunities to add new technology or features to older systems and to upgrade systems that are already in use with minimal amount of time and work. Manufacturers also look to increase the performance of their filtration systems while avoiding the replacement costs of equipment, it is important to maintain and beneficial to upgrade. For many manufacturers, stainless steel housings are an adaptable problem solver. Specifically, the FLD Housings have an efficient design that can replace multi-cartridge and plastic housings, allows for increased dirt-holding capacity, and bring connections that install and operate easier.

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