Tools That Protect Employee Safety in the Metal Powder Industry

Tools That Protect Employee Safety in the Metal Powder Industry

While workplace-related hazards can never be eliminated completely in the metal powder industry, they can be reduced. Using some common-sense safety measures can help protect employees from some dangers while on the job. Here are some steps to take to help avoid injury when working in the metal powder industry.


This stands for Personal Protective Equipment, and it should always be used. PPE can include things such as goggles and earplugs. You must also take protective measures to avoid inhaling some dangerous metal particles that can cause long-term damage to your health. Protecting against metal toxicity is every bit as important as guarding your vision and hearing. This also includes helmets and other protective garments meant to guard the body and the head against any trauma.

Hazard Communication

Sometimes, dangers are best avoided if they are identified and properly communicated to employees through an employee right-to-know program. Hazard communication is an entire set of procedures that is necessary for the workplace when there is any sort of handling of hazardous chemicals as there is in the metal powder industry. The law requires an evaluation of the risks before working with hazardous chemicals. Then, the information learned in this evaluation must be given to the employees through data sheets and safety warnings. Written hazard communication is a must in the workplace according to federal law when dealing with these chemicals. Accurate warning labels help maintain OSHA compliance and effectively communicate present hazards to employees and visitors alike.

Gas Monitoring and Exhaust Protection

When working with the chemicals used in the metal powder industry, there is the possibility that there are hazardous gases that are either present in the air or being expelled outside. When employees are working, the air that they breathe must be monitored, and you should have the equipment to do so. Similarly, you need to have equipment that ensures that hazardous gases are not being expelled outside of the manufacturing plant and into the air outside. A proper program should include both employee training and scrubbing mechanisms to clear the air inside the facility. Companies should have the prerequisite of an air quality management plan to protect employees and the outside environment.

Working with the substances associated with the metal powder industry involves many potential hazards. Companies are legally obligated to take precautions to protect employees ahead of time, and will be held liable for neglecting employee safety.

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