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Why Your Brand Must Match Your Culture

Why Your Brand Must Match Your Culture

For businesses that hold themselves out to the public, consistency is both king and key. Mixed messages are confusing and can make a business seem fake to its customers. Here are some reasons why your business should strive for consistency between its brand and its culture.

Clients and Employees Are Attracted to Authenticity

Authenticity is something that’s in short supply in today’s world, but people can hearken back to an era where it existed in customer service. Authenticity is something that they value. A little humanity can go a long way and will be rewarded by your customers. The phrase “keeping it real” can have valuable implications in the world of business.

The Deceptive Get No Grace

The best thing to do when you have a problem as a business is to own it and deal with it. Sweeping things under the rug will only magnify any possible issue. Businesses will get more credit and leeway from their customers when they admit that they have a problem and attempt to handle it with transparency and honesty. Customers are difficult to fool, especially in today’s social media age when they can easily compare notes. As Principled Profit points out, “When you have an honest experience with your customer, it becomes meaningful for them too. Naturally, they will tell their friends and family about it. This is actually the highest form of recommendation.”

The Truth Will Come Out

Things will ultimately get discovered. In the customer’s mind, the coverup is worse than the transgression, so businesses shouldn’t attempt to obfuscate their way out of a problem. When the truth does come out, the way that a business mishandled the problem will become an even bigger issue than the initial problem. Your business should operate under the assumption that everything will ultimately come to light. Therefore, what you are internally will show to the outside world.

Applications and Takeaways

Your company’s internal culture is rarely just internal since nearly everything can be on display to the outside world. If there’s any dirty laundry, it will likely get aired. If your internal culture doesn’t match your public image, then the culture must be changed to more closely align with the image. As The Employee App puts it, “A company’s success externally directly impacts its success internally and vice versa. Communications, whether it be internal, external, or communications surrounding HR, all serve similar functions and need to work toward a common goal.”

At some point, your internal culture and external brand will end up merging. It’s important that they both match so that any issues with the culture don’t overcome the brand.

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